Learning from the Tyrants 35

We end Learning from the Tyrants with a bit of past precognition.

To remember retrograde time is what some do. Perhaps that is what happened in this instance. To have gone thru such a very large cloud of memes would have an effect on some one, so to remember such a massive future group think would be an explanation as to why I put these two people in the same grouping when no one else was even imagining such a combo.

Posthuman Blues

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ministry uses dinosaurs to dispute evolution

“Undaunted by considerable opponents, Ham’s Answers in Genesis ministry is building a $25 million monument to creationism. The largest museum of its kind in the world, it hopes to draw 600,000 people from the Midwest and beyond in its first year.

“‘When that museum is finished, it’s going to be Cincinnati’s No. 1 tourist attraction,’ says the Rev. Jerry Falwell, nationally known Baptist evangelist and chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.”

Get me the hell off this planet.


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