Learning from the Tyrants 34

He is risen.

Trump had his Secretary of State talk to the Russian Ambassador away from any surveillance. Trump proposed a deal. Stage a false flag gas attack, Trump blows up some obsolete Syrian fighter jets with some old tomahawks that were about ready to be decommissioned anyway. Putin reins in Assad from any retaliation. This gets the neocons off Trumps back, he is now leveraging them. It gets the media to completely stop it with the Trump is Putin’s lackey attack. And the icing on the cake is another nail in Obama’s legacy. Hanniety is right now reading from the script, Obama and Kerry got taken by Assad’s promise to disarm chem weapons, they now look like fools.
Now in return Trump can lift the sanctions at a latter date as his position and political power grows stronger. The Russians would rather deal with a Trump in charge and complete control instead of the cavalcade of special interest clowns that have been running our government for the last sixteen years.


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