Learning from the Tyrants 25

“The average newspaper, especially of the better sort, has the intelligence of a hillbilly evangelist, the courage of a rat, the fairness of a prohibitionist boob-jumper, the information of a high school janitor, the taste of a designer of celluloid valentines, and the honor of a police-station lawyer.” H. L. Mencken

Bit of a lull in the campaign right now. Bill stuck his foot in it, the Colorado GOP has inadvertent Twitternitis, and the Pope is feeling the Burn.

I got up to speed on some fringe political websites. This old guy is nice and cranky.


Here is someone from the heartland. Not happy.

 “Giving importance to what we think because we thought it, taking our own selves not only (to quote the Greek philosopher) as the measure of all things but as their norm or standard, we create in ourselves, if not an interpretation, at least a criticism of the universe, which we don’t even know and therefore cannot criticize. The giddiest, most weak-minded of us then promote that criticism to an interpretation that’s superimposed, like a hallucination; induced rather than deduced. It’s a hallucination in the strict sense, being an illusion based on something only dimly seen.” -Fernando Pessoa

Tell that to the old timer, he is mad as hell. This is getting a bit serious. Angry people with no political outlet. What is the GOP doing?

Tacitus c.56 – c.177 AD “They make a wilderness and call it peace.”

“I don’t have enough money to be a dreamer.” -Fernando Pessoa

That about sums it up, few have any money in this country any more. I lack the nervous energy to dream. I was lost along the way. I can write in a blog, but do not have much of an expansive horizon. I go to Mars, and thru out the solar system, see all sorts of wonders, and come back home with empty pockets. Life would be unbearable, I do have hyper lucidity, but for the dream fog that envelops my every thought and action.  Words are a fine middle ground between the fright of lightning, and the haze of dusk. Words that dance and play, happy to be expressed, never bothering one after they have be set off the leash. Out there in the world, they can only cause others harm now.






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