Learning from the Tyrants 22

Let’s go with  my weeks Tweets first.

When I say that Donald Trump is the greatest political monkey trap in history I mean mostly and especially for the Press.

1. (literally probably folk-lore) A cage containing a banana with a hole large enough for a monkey’s hand to fit in, but not large enough for a monkey’s fist (clutching a banana) to come out. Used to “catch” monkeys that lack the intellect to let go of the banana and run away.
2. (figuratively) A clever trap of any sort, that owes its success to the ineptitude or gullibility of the victim.

When I left Alaska work on my golf game I was amazed by how many scratch golfers there were, Twitter’s the same way you have to be so clever

Never going to break 80 on Twitter either…

Get it, 80 golf score, and followers?

‘In Manibus Dei@WayneBogda Try our Apologetics & Polemics. Paired with our succulent’…Used the word succulent! Cannot believe he did that

This man used the word ‘succulent’ in his Twitter bio. I cannot abide that word. The sage, mystic or hermit living in a hut in the desert, if he used that word but once, would burst in to a pillar of flame and be reduced to ashes.

So this one guy on who to follow was called ‘blockme’ So I followed, and then blocked him. Don’t really see the point.

Here I put to negatives together, this creates a positive, if I am remembering my high school math correctly. Twitter is killing me. Dead silence. All I got going is perhaps that one reader in the future. No, no future reader. Why?

Got your theme song right here you big scary rock.

I got to rejigger my life, I feel drained. Going to work now, but not on roller skates, hope it does not get too warm out.

So in this one I used some key words from Trumps rally this morning. Favorite being when he said that the only global warming he was worried about was the warming from thermonuclear war. I love that man. And hate the neocons.

WI most egregious. Wonder if the FBI will make a play? Swoop in. Pincer movement. Hillary+Walker vote fraud machine. They got goods on him.

Here I make a prediction, low odds of it happening, but if it does, I can spam reposts and grab some more followers.

Vote Republican if Cruz wins? Well the idea of Glen Beck as White House spokesman is entertaining. In a ghastly kind of way.

Would post a photo of Beck here, but that level of cruelty even I am not capable of.

Imperial overreach. I pray to God that Trump is our Vespasian.

Here I bring up the Roman empire that got things straightened out for awhile. How many Twitter users know any history. No bonus followers here for sure.


Here I made up a tweet by Microsoft’s Tay AI, that went all haywire and was spewing raciest stuff. Self deprecating humor is just one of the super powers available to losers. This would be a good time for an E M Cioran quote.

“I have always loved tears, innocence and nihilism; those who know everything as well as the blissfully ignorant; failures and children.  E M Cioran

Scottish Twitter regulations? Aren’t these the people that were charging the Roman Legions naked covered in blue paint with only a spear?

More history, all lost.

People ask me accusingly if I’m going to vote for Trump, I tell them I’ll just wait till fall, and get in lockstep with everybody else then.

This is perhaps time to dig up some quotes from that book I got that I mentioned earlier in the blog.

“I miss the old Berlin of the Republic, the care-free, emancipated, civilized air, the snubnosed young women with short-bobbed hair and the young men with either cropped or long hair—it made no difference—who sat up all night with you and discussed anything with intelligence and passion. The constant Heil Hitler’s, clicking of heels, and brown-shirted storm troopers or black-coated S.S. guards marching up and down the street grate me, though the old-timers say there are not nearly so many brown-shirts about since the purge.”
― William L. Shirer, Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-41
“About ten o’clock tonight I got caught in a mob of ten thousand hysterics who jammed the moat in front of Hitler’s hotel, shouting: “We want our Führer.” I was a little shocked at the faces, especially those of the women, when Hitler finally appeared on the balcony for a moment. They reminded me of the crazed expressions I saw once in the back country of Louisiana on the faces of some Holy Rollers who were about to hit the trail. They looked up at him as if he were a Messiah, their faces transformed into something positively inhuman. If he had remained in sight for more than a few moments, I think many of the women would have swooned from excitement. Later”
― William L. Shirer, Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-41

“LATER.—After seven days of almost ceaseless goose-stepping, speech-making, and pageantry, the party rally came to an end tonight. And though dead tired and rapidly developing a bad case of crowd-phobia, I’m glad I came. You have to go through one of these to understand Hitler’s hold on the people, to feel the dynamic in the movement he’s unleashed and the sheer, disciplined strength the Germans possess. And now—as Hitler told the correspondents yesterday in explaining his technique—the half-million men who’ve been here during the week will go back to their towns and villages and preach the new gospel with new fanaticism. Shall sleep late tomorrow and take the night train back to Berlin.”
― William L. Shirer, Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-41

“Perhaps America will one day go fascist democratically, by popular vote.”  William L Shirer



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