Learning from the Tyrants 20

“Durer is my prophet. The more I observe the procession of the centuries, the more I am convinced that the one image capable of revealing its meaning is that of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The ages advance only by treading the hordes underfoot; the weak will die no less than the strong, and even these riders, save one. It is for him, for his terrible renown, that the ages have suffered and groaned. I see him looming on the horizon, already I detect our whimpers, I even hear our screams.And the night that will descend upon our bones will not bring peace, as it did to the Psalmist, but fear.”     -E M Cioran


Evey institution in our rotting republic is in decay. The great Tyrant will expose the failures of principle, of constancy of position.  Trump is a wrecking ball. And this squalid empire/republic needs one bad. And think about this, Trump is so sure of his power, that he can court the unborn baby vote, and they don’t even get to vote. This is another example of how the great ones flaunt their majesty.



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