Learning from the Tyrants 18

“Theoretically there is a perfect possibility of happiness: believing in the indestructible element in oneself and not striving towards it.”  -Kafka

“Written kisses don’t reach their destination, rather they are drunk on the way by the ghosts.” Franz Kafka  Letters to Milena

I love you my readers, but unfortunately…

I know a mouse, and he hasn’t got a house.
I don’t know why. I call him Gerald.
He’s getting rather old, but he’s a good mouse.      Syd Barrett – Bike
Perhaps I ought to speak for my self. Tell my side of things. No roundabout ramblings but just come out and tell it like it is. And now, at last, we are going to say what is most on our minds at this time.  Stricken from the record you say?    How did that happen?
I was just going to spill the beans, let the cat out of the bag, put all the chips on the table…
“Sometimes I have the feeling that we’re in one room with two opposite doors and each of us holds the handle of one door, one of us flicks an eyelash and the other is already behind his door, and now the first one has but to utter a word ad immediately the second one has closed his door behind him and can no longer be seen. He’s sure to open the door again for it’s a room which perhaps one cannot leave. If only the first one were not precisely like the second, if he were calm, if he would only pretend not to look at the other, if he slowly set the room in order as though it were a room like any other; but instead he does exactly the same as the other at his door, sometimes even both are behind the doors and the the beautiful room is empty.”  Franz Kafka  Letters to Milena
If I were to have a second rate mind, and a third rate imagination, then perhaps I could be first rate at saying absolutely nothing.  At least try!  Give it a go.
Observation on the world. Round   Not flat, that is a scurrilous rumor.
People, some round, some flat.
Such a beautiful empty room we have here today. Quite calming actually.
“I’m doing badly, I’m doing well, whichever you prefer.” 
Franz Kafka  Letters to Milena
Around this time we have to say that it is better to…
And also Gentlemen prefer…

“For myself I am too heavy, and for you too light.”  Franz Kafka  Letters to Milena

Tommy thickened things up for us. A big bowl of Prawns would be nice right now, with globs of tarter sauce. And fries.
Sorting it all out, the blog along with the Trump has been a wild ride these past eighteen days, and soon it will be time to get back on.
Trump rally Wed. Tomorrow.
“you are the knife i turn inside myself; that is love, that, my dear, is love”
Franz Kafka  Letters to Milena
And that is you, Daddy, the knife that turns in the heart of our rotting republic.

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