Learning from the Tyrants 16

“Whoever has not known the temptation to be first in the city will understand nothing of how politics work, nothing of the passion to reduce others to the status of objects, and will never grasp the elements that constitute the art of contempt.” E M Cioran

We have not seen in our lifetimes a man who can grasp the elements that constitute the ‘Art’ of contempt like this man.  Memorizing.

I have started to wonder, perhaps I could be doing something else than following this presidential campaign. Walking in the woods, playing with the dogs, picnicking in the sun. Yes, something bright, and pure, and good. Not this seedy, dark, power mad realm of politics.

But all I have to do is play this video, to listen to Trump slow down his delivery, narrow his focus, tilt his head slightly, and out of nowhere, destroy a hapless fool. And my laughter comes out from somewhere deep inside. From the passion that is real in a man, that is savage and wild. Guess the country stroll is gong to have to wait for awhile.

And the country may not be there…

No need to worry about the globalists taking over.

“Every work turns against its author: the poem will crush the poet, the system the philosopher, the event the man of action. Destruction awaits anyone who, answering to his vocation and fulfilling it, exerts himself within history; only the man who sacrifices every gift and talent escapes: released from his humanity, he may lodge himself in Being. (…) One always perishes by the self one assumes: to bear a name is to claim an exact mode of collapse.”  E M Cioran

“If utopia was illusion hypostasized, communism, going still further, will be illusion decreed, imposed: a challenge to the omnipresence of evil, an obligatory optimism. A man will find it hard to accommodate himself to it if he lives, by dint of ordeals and experiments, in the intoxication of disappointment and if, like the author of Genesis, he is reluctant to identify the Age of Gold with the future, with becoming. Not that he scorns the fanatics of “infinite progress” and their efforts to make justice prevail here on earth; but he knows, to his misery, that justice is a material impossibility, a grandiose meaninglessness, the only ideal about which we can declare quite certainly that it will never be realized, and against which nature and society seem to have mobilized all their laws.”  E M Cioran


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