Learning from the Tyrants 15

“Whoever has not known the temptation to be first in the city will understand nothing of how politics work, nothing of the passion to reduce others to the status of objects, and will never grasp the elements that constitute the art of contempt.” E M Cioran

What works better at reducing, Trumpkins, or Cruzbots?  Now Trumkins has in it an nice devaluation of intelligence, also included is a simpleton  naivete disparagement.  Cruzbots on the other hand offers up a conformist narrow ridged mindset. I believe it is too close to call.

Continuing with the idea that Trump is like Andrew Jackson here we have another source (sans the Freemason connection).



What about the sex scandal?  I remembered one line from the British TV show I Claudius. “Claudius: Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.” It has been over thirty years, and I had to search a bit for it but found it eventually. May have to rent it again. Quite appropriate to our times.

And yes I had fun finding the Betty Paige photos, Cruz not so much.


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