Learning from the Tyrants 10


Trump gets in some good counter jabs. The reporters appear to be a bit dazed, like they are having a bad dream and are just waiting for the waking up part. Just finished listening  to the Fox Trump interview. He used the code phrase again.  One of the more amazing things about his candidacy is his uncanny ability to go after forgotten, disdained, and shunned voter blocks. During his campaign he has been on Alex Jones Info Wars conspiracy news show twice. The man is a political genius. How many millions of conspiracy theorist votes have been laying out there? Completely ignored. A vote is a vote. And having a vast knowledge of conspiracy, he does not need to openly declare and appear as some kind of kook.  All he has to do is go on a conspiracy show early in his campaign. Get endorsed by the top conspiracy buffs (he has), and then drop some key phrases into his interviews and speeches. His people (they are his people now, been ignored and mocked for so long, that was easy) will pick right up on it.

In today’s interview he said, when talking about the terrorist attacks, “…there is something going on here…” This is code for describing false flag operations. Boom, a million more conspiracy buff votes right there. And then he said “…look at the Pentagon attack…” code again for a badly done false flag, any military man would tell you that that is not crashing airplane damage, but missile damage.

I must repeat, due to the cognitive dissonance that is to be broken thru. A front runner candidate for President of the United States of America appeared twice on a conspiracy news show while campaigning.  Hillary can look around and see all the votes that are laying about, but can she take them?  Trump eats organic, knows about the GMO conspiracy, and knows that there are millions of organic foodies that would vote for Hitler if he said he was going to require GMO labeling on food. And Hilliary cannot touch these votes.


So what will happen to the people if Trump gets elected?  Is that question of any consequence?

“And the people?” it will be asked. The thinker or the historian who employs the word without irony disqualifies himself. It is all too clear what “the people” are destined for; to suffer events and rulers whims, lending themselves to the schemes that weaken and overwhelm them. Every political experiment, however “advanced”, is performed at the people’s expense, is carried out against the people: the people bear the stigmata of slavery by divine or diabolic decree. No use wasting your pity:the people’s cause admits on no recourse. Nations and empires are formed by the people’s indulgence of iniquities of which they are the object. No head of state, no conqueror fails to scorn the people; but the people accept this scorn and live on it.Were they to cease being weak or victimized, were they to disappoint their destiny. society would collapse and with it history itself.

Let us not be overoptimistic: nothing in the people permits us to envision such a splendid eventuality. As they are, the people represent an invitation to despotism. The people endure their ordeals, sometimes solicit them, and rebel against them only to rush into new ones, more horrible than the old. Revolution being their one luxury, they fling themselves into it, not so much to drive certain benefits from it or to improve their lot, as to acquire for themselves, too, the right to insolence, and advantage which they immediately lose once the privileges of chaos are abolished. Since no regime assures their salvation, the people adapt themselves to all and to none. And from the Flood to the Last Judgment, all they can claim is to fulfill their mission honestly: to be vanquished.   -E M Cioran

“I know a person who, though no poet, composed some verses in a very short time, which were full of feeling and admirably descriptive of her pain: they did not come from her understanding, but, in order the better to enjoy the bliss which came to her from such delectable pain, she complained of it to her God. She would have been so glad if she could have been cut to pieces, body and soul, to show what joy this pain caused her. What torments could have been set before her at such a time which she would not have found it delectable to endure for her Lord’s sake?”
― Teresa of Ávila

Crabby nihilistic stoic poets for God. That is us.

 “Alas,” said the mouse, “the whole world is growing smaller every day. At the beginning it was so big that I was afraid, I kept running and running, and I was glad when I saw walls far away to the right and left, but these long walls have narrowed so quickly that I am in the last chamber already, and there in the corner stands the trap that I must run into.”
“You only need to change your direction,” said the cat, and ate it up.”
― Franz Kafka



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