Learning from the Tyrants 6

“With success and a literary career one becomes an unquestioning part of the mechanism, whereas the only truly important years are those in which one is unknown. Although to be unknown can sometimes also have something very bitter about it, it is fundamentally a blessing.” Cioran interview

Fifty three years, and all of them have been important. And now I risk screwing it all up. That part of me that wishes my destruction, it wants me to send an e mail to a famous writer, one who is well known yet still somehow fringe. Take a look at my blog, let people know, destroy me!
So I shall, but as a jest.

“Nevertheless, I accepted being on the periphery without any fuss, and the years of being unknown seemed to me, as I said before, the really important ones. The writer who has no readers, whom only a few people know, it the true writer, for even though on the practical side this can be very unpleasant, one has the impression in such a case that one writes for oneself alone.” Cioran interview

Not for just oneself, but in this case dear friend, for the dead also.

I was informed that my comment section is not working. I guess I could fiddle with it, but right now we have a fine conversation going on, and in just what way would a third party add anything to it? Would be a bit of a distraction it seems.
But I do understand, people love comments, so I will create some for the readers.

U thnk u sch a good writer as Coran smart guy?
Plez stop interuptn Corne wit doz sayns.
A new pair of Sunglasses for only 30$ Fake real quality.
I have an opinion that is the opposite of yours and I would like to wedge it up your blog.

I did get feedback from high school acquaintance Rob on Facebook. We knew each other long ago, I went on to become a failed writer, and he drinks at cheep bars in Mexico from what I gather over at the Facebook. He said I need an editor. I said oops and went back over my previous posts. Turns out he was right.
The Trump rally is over for today, the fervor is gone, and I am left with myself. Best get a pot of coffee on and see if I can regroup. Perhaps this man on the street will liven things up a tad.

That helped. The fervor! Hillary rallies don’t got none.

Let’s get on with it then, the biography of the blogger. A necessary component, as this is not a novel.
Why do I know Trump so well? Because we are Antipodes. So all I have to do is look around my landscape, and what does not appear in my world, he has in his.

In chapter one of this blog we read the beginning of Cioran’s Learning from the Tyrants. He continues now with the tyrant’s opposite.
“Now imagine the converse process. The fever gone, lo! You are exorcised, normal to excess. No more ambition, hence no means of being someone or something; nothing personified, the void incarnate; glands and viscera clairvoyant, bones disabused, a body invaded by lucidity, pure of itself, out of the running and outside of time, hung upon a self fixed in a total knowledge without acquaintances. This moment vanished, where will you rediscover it—who will restore it to you? Everywhere men frenzied, men bewitched, a throng of deviants whom reason has deserted in order to take refuge in you, in the only one who has understood everything, absolute spectator lost among dupes, forever refractory to the unanimous farce. The interval which separates you from the rest incessantly widening, you come to wonder it you haven’t perceived some reality hidden from everyone else. An infinitesimal or a crucial revelation, its content will remain obscure to you. The one thing you are sure of is your accession to a wholly new equilibrium, promotion of a mind free of all complicity with others. Unduly sane, more poised than all the sages, so you appear to yourself… And if you still resemble the madmen around you, you feel that a trifle will distinguish you from them forever; imbued with this sensation or this illusion, even if you perform the same actions as other men, you do so without the same enthusiasm, the same conviction.”
“Have you noted the symmetry? In order to become a politician, that is, in order to have the stuff of a tyrant, a certain mental derangement is necessary; to cease being so, another derangement is no less in order: is it not a question, after all, of transforming our folie des grandeurs [megalomania]? To shift from wanting to be first in the city to wanting to be last, is, by a mutation of pride, to trade a dynamic madness for a static one, an extraordinary genre of insanity, as extraordinary as the renunciation which originates in it and which, answering to ascesis rather than to politics, has nothing to do with our subject.” -E M Cioran -History and Utopia –Learning from the Tyrants

ascesis…the practice of severe self-discipline.
My static madness interleaved with the dynamic one of Trump shall be the format of this blog for the foreseeable future.

Next Trump rally,

– Monday, March 21, 2016 –

Washington DC

The Old Post Office

2:15 PM

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