Learning from the Tyrants 4

Trump Train arrives in one hour! Cognitive dissonance? Try telling people that Trump has been on Alex Jones Info Wars conspiracy show twice now while on the campaign. They get like pretzels (Here that before? Gotta view the rallies) contortions of logic ensue.

1. He is a con man just trying to scoop up the conspiracy crowd vote! Yea, thats a lot of numbers, good use of time.

2. He does not know what kind of show he is on! Um, Scott Addams says he is super clever.

3. He is crazy like they are! But he is the Republican front runner for President of the United States. People agree with him.

Logic puzzle question. If Info wars is a bunch of kooks, than why was his appearing on it not used by his opponents to mock him? Because they do have a blind spot.

It is called the truth.

Que more CD.

 “Durer is my prophet. The more I observe the procession of the centuries, the more I am convinced that the one image capable of revealing its meaning is that of his Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The ages advance only by treading the hordes underfoot; the weak will die no less than the strong, and even these riders, save one. It is for him, for his terrible renown, that the ages have suffered and groaned. I see him looming on the horizon, already I detect our whimpers, I even hear our screams.And the night that will descend upon our bones will not bring peace, as it did to the Psalmist, but fear.”

E M Cioran   –History and Utopia  —Learning from the Tyrants.

Make no mistake, if Trump becomes president, and takes on the world bankers, the Republic as we know it will be gone. But it has been rotted out for quite some time now, so what is the loss? I vote Trump Train, even though I am one of the few that knows what that entails.

“One must lie low, no matter how much it went against the grain, and try to understand that this great organization remained, so to speak, in a state of delicate balance, and that if someone took it upon himself to alter the dispositions of things around him, he ran the risk of losing his footing and falling to destruction, while the organization would simply right itself by some compensating reaction in another part of its machinery – since everything interlocked – and remain unchanged, unless, indeed, which was very probable, it became still more rigid, more vigilant, severer, and more ruthless.”        Franz Kafka, The Trial

Scott and I have had us a fun time over in the laboratory. This is how the experiment went. I introduced some information that was unprocessable, ie the leading Republican presidential candidate appearing on the infowars conspiracy show for an interview. This created something in the minds of his readers. Cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term which describes the uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time, or from engaging in behavior that conflicts with one’s beliefs. More precisely, it is the perception of incompatibility between two cognitions, where “cognition” is defined as any element of knowledge, including attitude, emotion, belief, or behavior.

The results were predictable. My likes dropped to zero. Comments also. Anyway the experiment over, I shall leave those poor people alone for a while. Thank you for the cheese Scott.

Here is an interview with Cioran that I found on the web. http://www.coronzon.com/pdf/cioran/Wakefulness_and_Obsession_An_Interview_with_E-M-Cioran.pdf


This is why I did not write for 15 years?  Why start now?


I do have a lot stored up, after a fifteen year layoff, a deep pool of originality. But if I write, it gets depleted, until it is dry. Perhaps this Trump blog shall be a remedy for this predicament.  A great Tyrant draws upon the primordial life force, maybe my siphoning off some of his greatness of will, will slow down the depletion rate. But that is ghoulish, only some kind of monster would do that. And if I do become a marionette? Perhaps by being a Trump marionette I may forestall that fate also.

We are all marionettes on the Trump Train now. Enjoy the ride.



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