Learning from the Tyrants 1

Get on board, the Trump train is rolling. And it is now time to start blogging again. After a fifteen year layoff I am ready to prosper putting phosphors to screen and pulling odd things from my head. And heart. What have I been doing all these years of not writing? Storing up.  I have found out in these last few years that the language was intentionally designed to make my brain hurt. And I only know Dog Latin. Not the real thing thing at all. But that is OK, because just like a great songwriter once said, I am looking for the next best thing.

So why start now? Well something has happened. The sky looks a bit bluer, the air more lively, people seem to be a bit more alert. For you see, things have changed dramatically, a Tyrant walks the land. You can see it everywhere, the ossification crumbles, what once was sure footing is no longer firm. No one quite knows where they stand any more. And my well crafted somnolence has been disturbed.

Our subject of the moment is one Donald J Trump. And the book History and Utopia by E M Cioran. Chapter, Learning from the Tyrants. Combine the two, and voila, instant, timely inspiration.  Scott Adams talks about how 90 percent of all human experience is unconscious. This is what Cioran writes about, and how the other ten percent wrestles with this plight. That is what all the great writers go on about.

What we hope to determine is a very pertinent question, is Trump a petty racist tyrant in the vein of Churchill and Hitler, or is he far beyond, a once in a hundred year Napoleon type? Image Napoleon being a racist. Not possible. Because the only thing that exists in a real TYRANT’S world, is POWER.

Let’s dig right in, starting at the beginning.        Translated by Richard Howard

“Whoever has not known the temptation to be first in the city will understand nothing of how politics work, nothing of the passion to reduce others to the status of objects, and will never grasp the elements that constitute the art of contempt.”

Half the people have no interest in ruling anything, including themselves. What about contempt as Art. Those new to Cioran may experience a bit of shock upon encountering concepts of this sort. Hang on, sit down, shut up. And get on board the Trump train!

The passion to, (the anger, the rage)  reduce other to the status of objects, of contempt.

Little Rubio, Low energy Jeb, and our favorite, Lyyyyyiiinnng Ted!  Wham.

Do do you not feel something good deep down inside, way back in the recesses of you mind when he lowers the boom on his hapless victim?  It has been a few days now since the last Trump rally, and I feel a bit empty, a bit like something is missing in my life. What is missing is the hammer. I want to see it used again. I think a lot of others do too. And the crazy thing is, they get to go pull a lever, push a button, and the people get to keep the greatest reality show of our age going.

Before we keep going there is a requirement for getting the most out of this blog and Cioran’s writings on the tyrant. You have to view at least one Trump rally. They are all over YouTube, and just look at how the views keep going up and up. Ever seen a political rally clip get viewed over and over? Not in our lifetime.

There is one caveat I must warn you against. Viewing just one Trump programing will program you. America is now divided into only two camps. Those who have seen a Trump rally, and thous who have not. He did say he was a uniter, right? Thought he was joking.  No joke, we went from many camps to two. Your conscious mind may feel that you were unaffected, but deep down inside you really want to see Lying Ted get bitchslaped again. It is now too late my friend.

You are now aboard the Trump Train.

“Rare are those who have not suffered a thirst for power to some degree: it is natural to us, and yet, upon close consideration, it assumes all the characteristics of a morbid state from which we recover only accidentally or by some internal maturation, like the kind that occurred in Charles V when , abdicating at Brussels at the height of his glory, he taught the world that excessive lassitude could provoke scenes as admirable as excessive courage. But whether anomaly or marvel, renunciation, that challenge to our norms, to our identity, crops up only at exceptional moments, a limit-case that delights the philosopher and dumbfounds the historian”

Most of us recover from the thirst for power. Who wants to go day by day with such a hunger?  As for giving up power voluntarily? That is inconceivable.

Seems Hilary is already out campaigning again, more of what few want sooner. Trump waits…

Saturday! Wow!

Saturday morning! Just announced. Trump Train rolling in to

Phoenix, AZ  Fountain Park – Great Lawn

Just caught the O’liely show. Seems since Trump came on yesterday and tossed him a bone he is a much nicer man now.  Checked out the day before interview on the YouTube. At the end Bill tries to defend W’s attacking Iraq. Trump swatted that lie away like an annoying gnat.  Why is he trying to stay in good with the vanquished Bushes?  Tap dancing on the fence will get you nowhere with Trump. In or out.

Notes on the last month. When Trump had the audience do the Hitler salute I was viewing live. You can not miss a show folks.  If we go with the postulation that trump is a lesser tyrant, than yes it was a racist thing to do. If we go with the idea that he is one of the great Tyrants of the ages, therefor not racist, power being the only consideration, then why did he do it? To show power. To display power.Everybody did what he asked, knowing the implications. Power over others. And the photos were going to look real bad, he knew that. But he is saying, I have so much Power, that even photos that look like Nuremberg rallies can not affect me. That is what happened that day. Napoleon with a sense of humor.  Let me say a word about the accusers. Cut them some slack, we have no lived experience reference point on a Great Tyrant. All we know are Churchills and Hitlers.

Anybody notice that the Trump ‘folks’ meme (people that love me), has already replaced the Obama ‘folks’ meme ( worms in the dirt that my banker friends farm) in your head?  It has been an awful seven years for me not being able to use that fine word authentically.

Yes I have read the book, Berlin Diary, glad you thought to ask me. A bit of a prediction was made in that book by Mr Shirer if I remember correctly.

New paragraph.

“Examine yourself when you are a prey to ambition, infected by its fever; then dissect your “fits.” You will discover that they are preceded by strange symptoms, by a particular warmth which will not fail to overpower and alarm you. Future-sodden by abuse of hope, you suddenly feel responsible for now and what is to come, at the heart of a duration answerable to your every frisson and along with which—agent of a universal anarchy—you dream of exploding. Attentive to the events of your brain and the vicissitudes of your blood, brooding over your break-down, you wait for its signs and cherish every one. Source of disorders, of peerless maladies, political mania. if it floods the intelligence, on the other hand favors the instincts and plunges you into a salutary chaos.”

Abuse of Hope. …Abuse of Hope.

Salutary Chaos   Trump rally in a nutshell.

“The notion of the good and particularly of the evil you imagine you can accomplish will gladden and exalt you; and such will be the tour de force, the marvel of your infirmities that they will set you up as master of everyone and everything.”

Strange how the tyrant comes along at just the time that the people are ready. That is really what the opposition from all sides to Trump is about. Because in each one of us is the monster. And now we are staring into the abyss, and could become one ourselves. Each and every one of us. And the masters of the universe, the global overlords who have become monsters already, they are only worried that the population as a whole will become as monstrous as they are and come after them with a vengeance. Sheep never attack the wolves, but monsters do.

I like how Scott tried to pull back from the pit in his last blog post. Good luck my friend. I for one know that if you do not tune in Saturday morning, you will at some point.

“Around you, you will notice an analogous break-down in those eroded by the same passion. As long as they are under its spell, they will be unrecognizable, victims of an intoxication unlike any other.”

Ok, Saturday morning it is Scott, why fight it?

“The very timbre of their voice, everything in them will change. Ambition is a drug that makes its addicts potential madmen.”

And remember, we are only getting a smidgen, a residual amount of the Power that Trump feels. Now I am glad Kissinger did live. How envious he must be. It must drive him crazy to realize someone else is experiencing so great an amount of that which he loves the most in the world. Each day must be torturous. So my praying for Kissinger’s welfare turned out to be a very good thing, God does work in mysterious ways. And has a wily sense of humor.

“These stigmata, that lost-dog expression, those anxious features which seem to be twitching with a sordid ecstasy—if you haven’t spotted them in yourself or in others, you will remain a stranger to the woes and wonders of Power, that tonic Hell, synthesis of poison and panacea.

Now imagine the converse process.”

Alas now he goes on to describe those with my condition, and yes we do have immunity,  not that anyone would ever want it. It is why I can comment on it, experience it, but not be affected in any way.   But that shall have to wait for another posting.

Good night Republic.  The Trump Train is rolling.











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